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Wise private investors are diversifying their portfolios internationally for a myriad of reasons. With the continued erosion of financial privacy, escalation of taxes and explosion of lawsuits in many jurisdictions, more and more people are realizing the benefits of investing outside their home country for both profit and security.

It is estimated that over 10 trillion USD is being held in offshore centers by wealthy people, companies and institutions. Majority of these investments made by bank deposits, discretionary management (trusts, brokerage accounts) and offshore mutual funds. In todays reality six of the worlds top twelve financial centers involved in banking and individual investments are located offshore. Learn more >

It has been estimated that 65% of the worlds hard currency is held in offshore banks and that around 40% of world trade in goods are transacted through offshore finance centers. Offshore companies and/or offshore trusts are not the illicit hideaways that many would have you to believe. They can in fact provide you with enormous tax savings and asset protection in a legal manner if setup correctly. They can also afford the ultimate beneficial owner a certain amount of anonymity.
Do you need a hassle free and fully confidential account with a European financial Institute? Do you need 360 degrees financial freedom? We can help you open one.

It used to be very costly and difficult to open a Swiss Bank Account. This has now changed quite substantially since the beginning of the internet age. You are now just a couple clicks away from opening an European account using your personal computer, thanks to our financial account brokerage service.

To start immediately, please choose one of the two different types of an account on offer below. Learn more >
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